Steinway & Sons

The world's finest hand built piano, individually crafted in New York since 1853. Chosen by the vast majority of artists world-wide, it is the Gold Standard in pianos by which all others are judged.

Steinway Upright Pianos - The Gold Standard in Upright Piano Design

Steinway Upright Pianos, are known in the industry as "verti-grands". This is because their height, large soundboard and unique back frame design make them surprisingly close to grands in tone and touch.

The model K52 Professional Upright is 52" tall, giving it string length and soundboard size similar to Steinway's 5'10" grand piano. It is manufactured with the same materials, craftsmanship and where feasible the same design as any Steinway grand piano.

This 52" model is the only upright in the world that can truly compete with a larger grand piano in tone and touch. A Steinway patented design feature of the back frame allows the action to respond much more like that of a grand piano than in any other brand upright. 

Since shortly after it's founding, Steinway has been considered the world's finest piano, the piano by which all others are judged. 98% of classical concert artists play Steinway exclusively when performing with the great symphony orchestras of the world. Virtually every single major performance venue owns at least one Steinway concert grand, with Steinway being the exclusive brand in most.

Unlike other manufacturers, every Steinway, from the largest concert grand to the smallest upright features the same design (where applicable), materials and craftsmanship. Steinway makes no distinction between uprights and grands, other than size and strung back/action orientation. This is the reason why Steinway is not only for concert halls and music schools, but also for the discriminating buyer for their home.

"I've been playing Steinway pianos exclusively for many years. In my experience, they keep getting better every year, and I have no doubt that the best Steinways ever produced are the ones being built today" says internationally renowned Steinway Artist Lang Lang. Steinway has a history of innovation, giving today's Steinway the best tone and touch ever due to over 125 patents and design innovations.

Steinways come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty and adjustable artist bench. Each Steinway is concert prepped and tuned prior to delivery by our Steinway-trained expert staff technicians. A second complimentary tuning in the home or studio is included within 60 days after delivery.

Each new Steinway upright also includes a full trade-up certificate to a new Steinway grand piano model M or larger anytime within 10 years of purchase, thus guaranteeing your trade value. 


Models & Key Features

  • Model K52 - 52" Professional Upright
  • Solid Spruce Diaphragmatic Soundboard
  • Steinway Patented Hexagrip Pinblock
  • Massive Backpost Design for Stability
  • Steinway Patented Accelerated Action
  • Ebony Satin and Polish Finishes
  • Other Finishes Available by Special Order
  • Five Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • One In-home Tuning Included
  • 10 Year Full Trade-up Certificate Included
  • Matching Bench Included