Performance Edition pianos designed by Steinway & Sons in New York for all uses, from family enjoyment in the home to intensive institutional use at Conservatories and Music Schools.

Boston Professional Uprights - Designed by Steinway & Sons

Designed by Steinway & Sons in New York, the Boston Professional Uprights are a series of pianos of the highest quality. They use Steinway design for those seeking an extremely well built instrument that is closest in design, construction and character to the hand built New York Steinway. While they inhabit the upper price range of the mid-priced verticals, they still represent a good value.

Appropriate for both homes and institutions, they were originally designed for the various needs of university music schools and conservatories. They are found in numerous schools across the country, including Kennesaw State University, Mercer University and Gordon State College, to name just a few. They are the favored models of All-Steinway schools looking for extremely high quality uprights that are still below the price point of Steinway's model K52 upright.

Comprised of Steinway's most advanced design patents and features, developed over their 160+ year history, Boston (and Essex) pianos are the ONLY mid-priced pianos to be infused with much of Steinway's DNA. 

Boston uprights are designed with over 30 Steinway patents and designs, including tapered solid Spruce soundboards with custom radial rib design for superior tone. The action geometry is identical to Steinway's patented accelerated action with all hard-rock maple wood action parts (no plastic) for the best tactile feel and response. The massive back post construction with posts placed precisely at highest tension points on the back is unique to Steinway design. Steinway's patented Octagrip pinblock of quartersawn maple for tuning stability, is the latest innovation in today's third edition of Boston pianos - the "Performance Edition II". 

The Boston professional uprights are designed from the ground up in New York by Steinway and Sons. Each comes with a 10 year parts and labor warranty and matching bench. Each Boston is concert prepped and tuned prior to delivery by our Steinway-trained expert staff technicians. A second complimentary tuning in the home or studio is included within 60 days after delivery.

Each new Boston upright also includes a full trade-up certificate to a new Steinway grand or upright piano anytime within 10 years of purchase, thus guaranteeing your trade value. 


Models & Key Features

  • Model UP132E - 52" Professional Upright
  • Model UP126E - 50" Professional Upright (shown)
  • Model UP118E - 46" Professional Upright
  • Performance Edition II
  • Ebony Polish and Mahogany Polish Finishes
  • Steinway Custom Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Radial Rib Design
  • Mapes Bass Strings from USA
  • Steinway Patented Octagrip Pinblock
  • Steinway Accelerated Action Geometry
  • All Hard Rock Maple Action Parts (no plastic)
  • Slow Fall Key Cover
  • Toe-block Design for Easy Moving
  • 10 Year Full Trade-up Certificate Included
  • Matching Artist Bench Included
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • One Free In-home Tuning Included