The best values in Steinway-designed pianos for home and school. Beautifully crafted in both baby grand and upright models in a variety of finishes and furniture styles.

Essex Player Grands with Access to the World's Largest Music Library

Designed by Steinway & Sons in New York, the Essex Player Grands are a line of grand pianos comprising Steinway's most significant design patents and features, developed over their 160+ year history. Designed to compete in the entry- to mid-price ranges, Essex pianos are infused with much of Steinway's DNA, including over 30 design patents and innovations from the storied New York piano manufacturer. 

Steinway has partnered with QRS in Seneca, PAthe world's oldest and most established manufacturer of player piano systems. QRS was founded over 100 years ago, manufacturing player piano rolls during the first heyday of the player piano. In the early years, many famous artists including George Gershwin recorded their performances for QRS player piano rolls. As a result of this history, they have by far the largest music library in the world for player pianos.

Today with the huge resurgence in player baby grands, QRS has the most advanced technology for seamlessly installing player systems into any grand piano, including Steinway's Essex piano. The huge music library now resides on the cloud and is easily accessible through an app on devices like iPads and iPhones. The reproduction is incredibly realistic, capturing all of the nuances of the artists' performances, unlike the player rolls in the early 1900's. Virtually all genres of music are available.

Essex grands are all built with Steinway's wide-tail design and tapered Spruce soundboard. The action geometry is identical to Steinway's patented accelerated action with all hard-rock maple wood action parts (no plastic) for the best tactile feel and response. Many other Steinway patents differentiate Essex from other brands. 

Steinway's partnership with with famed American furniture maker Henredon has resulted in exquisite Essex cabinet designs and features not found in other similarly priced grands. This includes elegant music desk styling, beveled lid edges, spade legs and all brass fittings as opposed to plastic common in this price range.

The Essex piano is ideal for the buyer looking for a reasonably priced piano without sacrificing quality due to Steinway's design and materials specifications. Each comes with a 10 year parts and labor warranty and matching bench. Each Essex is prepped and tuned prior to delivery by a Steinway-trained expert staff technician. A second complimentary tuning in the home or studio is included within 60 days after delivery.

Each new Essex grand also includes a full trade-up certificate to a new Steinway grand piano, including the Steinway Spirio high resolution player grand, anytime within 10 years of purchase, thus guaranteeing your trade value.

Models & Key Features

  • Model EGP173 - 5'8" Player Grand
  • Model EGP155 - 5'1" Player Baby Grand
  • Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin or Sapele Mahogany Polish Finishes
  • QRS PNO3 Player System with Music Library
  • Steinway Wide-tail Design
  • Steinway Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Steinway Accelerated Action Geometry
  • All Maple Action Parts (no plastic)
  • Steinway-designed Maple Pinblock
  • 10 Year Full Trade-up Certificate Included
  • Matching Bench Included
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • One Free In-home Tuning Included