The latest advances in acoustic modeling technology and key weighting to create the most realistic piano playing experience in both touch, tone and speaker acoustics.

Roland GP9M Moving-Key Player Grand with Acoustic Grand Piano Sound

Introducing the new Roland Player Grand with moving keys! The industry's only premium digital grand piano with a full-function player system factory installed with moving keys - just like traditional acoustic player grands!

This flagship GP9M player grand piano offers all the advantages in tone and touch of a traditional grand in a more compact baby grand style cabinet. And all the entertainment value of a player piano, without the regular tuning and maintenance costs of a traditional baby grand...

The GP9M is encased in a beautiful ebony polish baby grand cabinet with a high fidelity speaker system for incredible sound possibilities.  All these features are designed into an instrument ideal for smaller spaces.

Also available in non-player model GP9 and compact grand case models GP6 and GP3.

Included is a 10 year parts and labor digital piano warranty and Roland's proprietary SuperNATURAL sound modeling technology. Visit any store location today, or request a private appointment to personally experience these incredible instruments!

GP9M Discount Prices starting at $18,999

GP9 Discount Prices starting at $10,999

GP6 Discount Prices starting at $6,299

GP3 Discount Prices starting at $3,999

Models & Key Features

  • Model GP9M Player Baby Grand (Image Shown)
  • Model GP9 Baby Grand
  • Model GP6 Compact Grand (Video Featured)
  • Model GP3 Mini Grand
  • 88 Key Digital Grand Pianos
  • Ebony Polish or White Polish Finishes
  • SuperNATURAL Sound Modeling Technology
  • PHA50 Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included
  • Bench Included
  • Free Intro Lesson Included