The most innovative player piano system for acoustic grand and vertical pianos. Easily installed on either a brand new piano or the existing instrument in your home.

PianoDisc iQ Entertainment Package - The Latest Player Piano System

With PianoDisc's newest player system - the PianoDisc iQ Entertainment Package - you can have live piano music in your home on your baby grand piano from artists such as Olga Kern, Lang Lang, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys and many more...

Whether you enjoy solo classical piano, a jazz band or a full orchestra, turn any piano into a player piano and interactive musical entertainment center. With a few touches on the iPad screen (64G Apple iPad included) your piano comes alive, right in your living room!

PianoDisc is the world's number one selling player piano system and is professionally installed into either a new piano of your choice, or the piano you currently own. Numerous other options, like record capability or silent play with headphones, are available.

Models & Key Features

  • PianoDisc iQ Entertainment Package
  • Player System with SilentDrive
  • 1024 Levels of Expression
  • 88 Note Full Playback
  • Pedal Solenoid for True Sustain
  • Apple iPad 64G Air Included
  • $2,500 Music Bundle Pre-loaded into iPad
  • 2 Bose Powered Speakers Included
  • AirPort Express Included
  • All Necessary Cabling Included
  • Installation and Service Package Included