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Select a used piano with confidence, knowing that the Steinway Piano Galleries reputation stands behind each instrument. All used pianos go through a rigorous inspection and come with parts and labor warranties. Choose a certified pre-owned piano from Steinway Piano Galleries!

Steinway S Ebony (SOLD)

JUST ARRIVED! This mostly original Steinway S Ebony Satin has a clear, crisp sound and nicely responsive action for its age. A prior owner replaced hammers and keytops, but all else is original and authentic Steinway & Sons. The cabinet and bench are also in reasonably good condition.

At $25K it is a great value as is. As an option, the piano can be refurbished for an estimated $20-25K.

This 5'1" model S fits easily into a tight space. At at the same time it has the larger soundboard size and longer strings that give it a bigger, fuller sound than an upright with only a slightly smaller footprint.

The instrument purchase includes final tuning and technical prep prior to delivery, the matching original bench, and a follow up tuning in the home for free. It also comes complete with a 5 year parts & labor warranty for total peace of mind.

Additionally included is a 10-year full-trade up agreement to a future new Steinway grand purchase.

As an alternative, also consider a brand new Steinway-designed Boston GP156 5'1" baby grand in an only slightly higher price point, but brand new and perfect with a 10 year manufacturer's parts & labor warranty.


  • Model S
  • 5'1" Baby Grand
  • Ebony Satin Finish
  • Original Authentic Steinway Action Parts
  • Original Steinway Diaphragmatic Soundboard
  • Original Steinway Hexagrip Pinblock
  • Hammers and Keytops Replaced
  • Matching Bench Included
  • 10 Year Full Trade to Future New Steinway Grand Purchase Included
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty Included
  • One Free In-home Tuning Included
  • Serial #: 346647
  • Year Manufactured: 1955
  • Our Price: $24,990
  • New Price: $89,600

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