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Musical Overture releases The Gig Room


Musical Overture is pleased to announce the launch of The Gig Room,  a new video conferencing tool that allows musicians in different locations to rehearse and perform together in real time.  The dream:  Bring the best musicians in the world to one place and play for them and with them via a computer or smartphone.  The Gig Room utilizes technology that, with a reliable internet connection, reduces latency to less than 25 milliseconds between two musicians up to 600 miles apart.  That’s the same lag, or delay, that is present if the two musicians are in the same room, but sitting 25 feet away from each other.  


This tool is part of a web application that creates an online space where the best musicians in the world gather to share music, ideas, and contact information.  Musical Overture has profile pages that serve as personal websites – with the musicians’ bios, contact info (if they opted to list it), musical interests, photo or avatar, etc. It also features a private messaging app, a powerful search tool, and a large video repository with HD videos, fast upload speeds and unique tools for sharing portfolios. 


Musical Overture is not just a web application, it is a community of musicians who want to meet each other and play for and with each other.  After all, musicians feel most like musicians when interacting with other musicians and with the people who love to listen to their music.  As a result, Musical Overture has become the world’s first truly global directory of musicians.  Instead of referring to the musicians’ union directory, orchestra personnel directors can find musicians and audition players on Musical Overture.  Musicians are learning that if they want to be found, they need to have a presence on Musical Overture. 


Once musicians find each other and play for each other using the HD video repository, the next step is to play together.  Thus, the Gig Room was born.  Finally, musicians can find each other, play for each other and play with each other in real time.  If a singer needs to rehearse with a pianist, the Gig Room makes that possible. If a bandmate is unable to attend a rehearsal, the Gig Room allows that player to attend and contribute to the rehearsal in real time.   The Gig Room is also the perfect way to teach “distance lessons.”  All a musician needs is a computer or smartphone with a fast and reliable internet connection. 


The advantages to being a part of the world’s first truly global community of musicians are many.   Musicians can meet their peers and find comradery through their common love of music making.  Students can meet prospective teachers and mentors who can guide them on their lifelong musical journey. Teachers, universities, conservatories, agents and personnel managers can recruit talented up and coming musicians. Music retailers can finally interact with musicians without having to go through the traditional gatekeepers (band directors, chorus teachers, etc).  Likewise, musicians can interact with their favorite manufacturers, which deepens brand awareness and loyalty.  Music lovers benefit as they are able to meet their musical idols and even play with them.  This, again, works both ways.  Musicians can interact with their fans on an even deeper level than is possible on other social media platforms.


The message is simple.  Meet the best musicians in the world and play for them and with them – in real time.  

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