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Speakeasy inside Santa Monica’s The Georgian Hotel reopens after 60 years with a Steinway reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The Georgian, a boutique Art Deco-style Santa Monica hotel that’s occupied the Southern California coastline since 1933, is reopening its speakeasy utilized during prohibition six decades ago.

The space, dubbed The Georgian Room, once embodied the glamor of Hollywood’s Golden Age, hosting television stars such as Carole Lombard, Clark Gable and Dick Van Dyke, according to it owners, and it’s once again open to the general public.

  • The Georgian, in Santa Monica has reopened its speakeasy 60...The Georgian, in Santa Monica has reopened its speakeasy 60 years later. (Photo by Maxime Lemoine)

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The Georgian, in Santa Monica has reopened its speakeasy 60 years later. (Photo by Maxime Lemoine)

The room was carefully restored using vintage photographs to bring the speakeasy back to its original design with an L-shaped layout of booths and the entrance showcases a 1918 ebony-polished Steinway & Sons piano built into the rose marble-topped bar. Guests can expect hand-crafted cocktails and signature dishes created by Chef David Almany, including a dry-aged tomahawk ribeye, rigatoni alla vodka and a grilled dorade.

While the speakeasy concept has become prominent trends in Southern California and even at major music festivals, they were commonly visited during the 1920s Prohibition era within the United States and originated in England and Ireland in the 19th century.

Although most alcohol was banned in the U.S., the law was difficult to enforce, paving the way for speakeasies to offer a place to sneak a drink for over a decade. The term “speakeasy” came from “speak-softly shops” and referenced the need for secrecy with customers asking to speak quietly while inside to avoid detection.

As a callback to a secret and intimate space of a speakeasy, The Georgian Room only allows a maximum of 65 guests and strictly prohibits photography and the use of cell phones.

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The Steinway Duet

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The GP series represents the pinnacle of Roland piano development, merging our advanced technologies with finely crafted grand piano designs that bring elegance and grandeur to any space.

The GP series features Roland’s finest piano sound engines to date. Advanced modeling technology reproduces the complete sound-generating properties of an acoustic grand, from the soundboard material and frame to the strings, hammers, and much more. The result is a truly authentic piano experience, fully connecting the player with the sound in the most organic and satisfying way

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Roland GP-3

Introducing the new Roland GP-3 digital grand piano!

The GP-3 is the most compact and affordable grand in the acclaimed GP series, bringing you premium piano performance in a unique low-profile design that makes a statement in any living space. Roland’s modern features and benefits are infused throughout, from the organic piano sound engine and responsive hammer-action keyboard to onboard recording, Bluetooth audio/MIDI connectivity, and deep integration with the Roland Piano App. If you’ve always wanted a grand piano but thought you didn’t have the space or budget to make it happen, the GP-3 turns your dream into reality.

Standard Features

  • Compact grand piano with a low-profile footprint and shallow depth (698 mm/27.5 in.) for tight living spaces
  • Elegant gloss black finish and finely crafted details
  • Premium Roland technologies come together to deliver a complete piano experience
  • Exceptional piano sound and response realized through an advanced Roland sound engine
  • Authentic grand piano touch with an 88-note keyboard with hammer-action, escapement, and Ivory Feel materials
  • Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals with support for half-pedal techniques
  • Custom stereo speaker system delivers immersive sound  
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play along with favorite songs and work with MIDI music apps
  • Control GP-3 features, explore lessons, and much more with the companion Roland Piano App
  • Metronome, recorder, and dual headphones jacks for daily practice
  • USB ports for connecting with computers and flash storage devices

Compact Elegance for Modern Living

The GP-3 is a marvel to behold, fusing traditional grand piano luxury with a streamlined design that’s only possible with a modern digital instrument. With a front-to-back depth of just 698 mm/27.5 inches, it easily fits where larger pianos can’t. The striking black gloss finish, classic curves, and fine details convey sophistication and grace, while the slim cabinet projects a commanding presence that belies its modest footprint.

A Complete Piano Experience

Embedded inside the GP-3’s elegant exterior is a complex piano ecosystem born of decades of Roland development. Every element works together to deliver a complete piano experience, from the sound engine, keyboard, and pedals to the custom speaker system. And with easy volume control, mobile device connectivity, and other digital benefits, the GP-3 is a perfect fit for today’s lifestyles.    

Magnificent Tone and Touch

Roland’s proprietary piano sound technology authentically reproduces the living response and complex tonal colors of a genuine acoustic grand. That’s supported by an 88-note keyboard with progressive hammer action, escapement, Ivory Feel material, and dynamic acceleration sensors, putting the same touch beneath your fingers as a concert-grade acoustic instrument. Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals round out the grand experience, with true weighted feel and detection for traditional half-pedal techniques.

Immersive Sound

The GP-3 features an integrated stereo speaker system specially tuned for top-quality sound and maximum projection from the low-profile cabinet design. Powerful amplification and advanced sonic processing deliver an immersive, room-filling piano experience for the player and listeners. You can even adjust the overall tone color by opening the lid and setting it to different positions—just like an acoustic grand.

Wireless Connectivity

With onboard Bluetooth, it’s easy to elevate your piano enjoyment with mobile devices. Stream songs from your music library through the piano’s speaker system to play along or provide background when relaxing or entertaining. Or use Bluetooth MIDI with music production apps to wirelessly compose using the GP-3’s responsive weighted keyboard. USB ports are also available for connecting with computers and flash storage devices, providing more ways to explore your creativity and share music performances. 

Roland Piano App

The Roland Piano App seamlessly extends the GP-3 experience with remote operation from your smartphone or tablet. Select sounds, control the metronome, and use the recording feature to evaluate your playing and hear where you need to improve. Browse the piano’s onboard song library and call up digital scores to learn them at your own pace. And motivate yourself with lesson features that include an activity log with goals, flash card games, rhythm exercises, and a One Week Master program that guides you through learning different piano pieces.

More Digital Advantages

With its digital heart, the GP-3 brings you a world of advantages over a traditional acoustic piano. Volume control is within easy reach, and you can connect headphones to play anytime without disturbing others. Twin Piano mode enables you to play alongside a family member, friend, or teacher. And with no need for tuning and regular maintenance, the GP-3 will always sound as perfect as the day you bring it home.

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Introducing the new Steinway Duet

Your Steinway & Sons piano can be the perfect expression of you. Steinway’s Special Grand Piano Collection is a perfect opportunity to match your very special style with a very special piano.

There is no better example in this collection than the Duet. It combines the minimalist elegance of Figured Sycamore with Steinway’s classic high gloss white in this breathtaking combination of art and function.

This rare wood is nearly white in color with a fine, notable uniform structure and straight grain that may be figured; this light-color wood evokes a minimalist elegance.

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